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A rich history...

Kanopolis is built on the site of Fort Harker, a post that housed infantry and cavalry troops involved in the Indian Wars between 1867 and 1872.  Fort Harker was one of the most important military stations west of the Missouri River. 

In June of 1880, the Senate passed bill S.194, an act disposing Fort Harker Military Reservation of public ownership and giving the 10,240 acre tract of land to the Interior Department for sale.  The Kanopolis Land Company was created in 1886, a group of capitalists with high expectations for the city, laying out land for 150,000 people.  The City of Kanopolis was founded shortly after.

The city's history of turmoil and tenacity has set the stage for today's citizens to continue to improve opportunities and infrastructure.  Kanopolis, Kansas is a community filled with pride and dedication.


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News and Announcements:

  • Keys to the limb drop are available from any city council member.  Keys can be obtained from the city office during business hours.

  • Kaiser Trash will begin picking up trash twice a week on May 3, 2019.

  • Office Space for Lease:  2 room office for rent for $150.00 in Kanopolis.  Former City Hall.  Leaser will be responsible for all utilities.  Perfect location for a small business.  Contact City Hall at  472-4732.

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